You can try out Drakerion TCG for free.

Please note that the game is currently in beta. Some cards will probably be modified with the official release. The templates (colours, icons, text boxes) are not definitive.

As a start, we suggest you to look at the rules of the game in one of the two following formats:
The rules overview, for players who want to know the basics and quickly play.
– The quickstart rules, for players who prefer to learn all the mechanics before starting.

PS: If you want to print the quickstart rules, here is a dedicated version that will not quickly empty your cartridges.

You can try out the game in two different ways:
– Physically by downloading the starter decks, printing them and cutting them out. (Print and Play).
– Online with TableTop Simulator. This pay simulator is available on Steam. It allows you to play the majority of board games available on the market. The “Drakerion” module is free of charge and easy to get.

Print and Play


There is currently five starter decks available:
- Lokmar deck
- Tyraslin deck
- Kartej deck
- Wasteland deck
- Gil-Estel deck


Print the starter decks on A4.

Cut out

Cut out the cards.
You are now ready to play your first game!

TableTop Simulator


TableTop Simulator (TTS) is available on Steam at this address.

Install Drakerion

The Drakerion module is available at this address.
Click on the green "Subscribe" button
and start TTS, the installation is automatic.

Find a player

If you are looking for an opponent, join the community on Discord.


Updates will be installed automatically when TTS is launched.

Post Scriptum

The community has created an OCTGN module, you can find more information about it on this page.