OCTGN is a free software. It simulates a virtual table allowing users to play online and has a chat system. You may add any custom cards games via its “Game Manager” (official website).

The “Drakerion” module on OCTGN is not official. It is created and maintained by the community and we thank them for that.
If you have any questions about OCTGN, please join the community on our Discord.

All-in-one installation file including OCTGN and the Drakerion module: Drakerion_OCTGN_Launcher.exe
This file includes an automatic update system. You can use it even if OCTGN is already installed on your computer.
(Some antivirus software may trigger alerts, we have access to the sources and certify that they are false positives).

For users who prefer to install the Drakerion module manually, you can find it on the OCTGN Game Manager.
The image package is available here: BetaStarterPackEN.08C